27th September 2014

NZ U19 Rugby Championships

The NZ Under 19 rugby championships and selection for higher honours is being played in Taupo this week.


Her we have the boys from Canterbury. Some of these guys are big. 


We spotted one who had a resemblance to the Whitelock boys from Feilding who represent Canterbury, Crusaders and All Blacks...turns out he is a cousin. Good news for Canterbury to have another good player coming through.

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27th September 2014

Huka Jet emoji!!!

Promoting one of the best jet boat rides in NZ.

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25th September 2014

The pontoon in the air
Strong winds and 2 metres wave buffet the pontoon causing structural damage. We lift the pontoon out regularly to ensure the structural integrity is maintained.

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20th September 2014

T Rex

My vote goes to T Rex for the most unusual visitor to the Hole in One this year.


This is one big celebrity!


He even put a club in his mouth and attempted to swing.



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5th September 2014

NZ Under 13 Champion

Juliana Hung from Christchurch shows the style that won her the NZ U13 golf championship.


Played over the last week at the Taupo Golf Clubs two courses Juliana has a great future ahead of her.


Congratulations Juliana.

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