29th January 2015

A Hole in One for Awa

Our site supervisor and budding golf pro - Awatea McCallum - nailed her first ever hole in one.


Awa's off backpacking around the world in mid february. We will miss you and our other students who have worked so well this summer.


Have fun.

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27th January 2015

Mat Hobson is big

Really big. But luckily we had a clug long enough so he didn't need to bend over.


All 6 foot 8 inches creates quite a big swing path.

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Look who's hitting out in Taupo

Katie instantly recognised the block stars, Pete and Andy, and they proved to be real gentlemen to our Katie.


Hope you enjoyed whacking a few balls off.



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11th January 2015

Hilton promotion

To all participants who hit a ball at the Hole in One.


If you take a photo at the Hole in One and upload to the Hilton Taupo facbook site you could win one of two nights accomodation at the Hilton.


Pics are rated by their innovativeness. 

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6th January 2015

Andy McMecking and mates

One of these guys has been giving Andy a hard time because he is about to get married.


Which one do you think it might be?



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