Secondary School Yacht racing competitions

Over the past week we have been treated to some intense match racing on the course which was right in front of the Hole in One.


Each class had a different coloured set of sails which made it easier to follow - especially when 3 races on 3 different courses were racing at the same time.


This photo was taken facing West towards Kinloch.



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10th April 2010

Stop press: Mike Keehan

Two holes in one in 10 days. Holes in One number 715 and 718. Mike hit the Blue flag flag today and secure his second Hole in One.


Mike works on the site and has had many attempts at hitting the jackpot. Being a scratch golfer means he is better than most and he finally showed us what a good golfer he is.


I was snorkelling for the balls and on my way in when Mike yelled at me to clear the pontoon and the blue flag.


On retrieving the ball it was sitting smack in the middle of the Blue flag hole. A perfect shot.


When I got back Mike proudly told me it was his shot.


If you want some tips on your swing Mike offers these as part of our service.


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Winner 716 - Phil Bidois gets a Hole in One on Easter Sunday

Phil Bidois, a regular to the site, was literally over the moon over his hole in one. Phil won a parasail so he could be half way to the moon in about an hours time.


Pictured here with his daughter who was handing him the lucky balls. 

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3rd April 2010

Busy Easter


What a beautiful Easter. Every day has been fine and very busy at the Hole in One.


We have been open till after dark every night and seen here in this shot is the sun setting from the site.


If anyone visiting the Hole in One has any shots they want to contribute to the web site we are happy to publish these for you - with the appropriate credits of course!



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28th March 2010

Nolan Hagoort - winner 714

Nolan is the assistant manager at RD1 in Hamilton and he and his team from RD 1 lucked in with some incredibly consistant hitting. 


Shown here is Nolan with a huge smile on his face as he comtemplates a Funski adventure on the lake. 


Funski is our latest sponsor offering water skiing, banana boat rides and trips up to the ski fields in Winter. A cool prize.


visit: to see RD 1\'s services.


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