Competition between mates

Pictured here is Thomas Rahui Hole in One winner 723.

Thomas\'s mate Tamati Carroll got a Hole in One on 1st May and Thomas was certain he could do the same....and he did. If Tamati checks this webpage he\'ll know it\'s true!!!

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Tamati Carroll our latest winner

Well done Tamati.

It was a great weekend for golf at Taupo with a light onshore breeze holding up the ball and dropping it straight down on the pontoon.

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Pontoon goes for annual maintenance

April and May are the two least windy months in the Lake Taupo area. 


We decided to take advantage of this and see what damage, if any, had been done over the past year to the pontoon.


Shown here the pontoon being lifted at the Nukuhau ramp with the Steiner and Moses 40 ton crane. The pontoon weighs 5.5 tons!

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28th April 2010

The tow home

Coming home. 


Not your usual backround view of the pontoon. Mighty River Power (who control the lake levels) decided to open one of the gates while we were still in the Waikato River channel - this slowed us down to about 1.5 knots on the way out but it wasn\'t a problem and we proved to be entertainment for those who managed to see us on route.  


The pontoon is now ship shape for another year. We made sure all the holes and surrounds were tidy, the matting on the top was water-blasted, we painted the upstands and renewed the flags.


We were safely moored and back in business by 1.0pm




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26th April 2010

Erin Simpson TV show

The Erin Simpson show shot footage for her latest TV series today.


She\'s such a personable character involving scores of kids, our divers and staff at the Hole in One as she attempted to tee off towards the pontoon.


The show is set to screen on TV2 at 4.30pm on 8th July.


On her website: you will find some great giveaways from the hole in one - 3 official Hole in One caps and 20 x 15 free balls vouchers.


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