Planking - its everywhere

That really dangerous c raze (not) came to the Hole in One. 


They wouldn\'t let us hit balls off their bums. Can\'t see why not!

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15th May 2011

One for Christchurch

The whole family were watching as Mr Sweetman hit the pontoon repeatedly. The Hole in One was a clean hit that landed directly in the sweet spot. Congratulations and we hope you did your Giant Swing at Taupo Bungy - you were looking a bit scared!!!.

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9th April 2011

First Snow

A beautiful day and we turn up to work to look at this view...what a great office!

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Sharks sighted in Lake Taupo

We turned up to work early and were about to get the divers who retrieve the balls for us into the water when we noticed 2 fins circling the pontoon. Needless to say we told the boys to stay out of the water for a few hours until they had moved away.

Sharks sightings are rare in Lake Taupo but they have occured in the past. One well documented sighting was when a captured shark was left outside the Turangi Chronicle offices a few years ago. 

Sharks have been known to migrate up the Waikato river chasing trout and apparently get lost as they navigate in the currents. 

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On his way to becoming a very good golfer.

Greg Mills of Waimana - near Whakatane is fast becoming a very good golfer. This Hole in One is his second and he has only been playing for 2.5 months.


Already on a 9 handicap Greg hits a mean long drive registering 269 metres and he reckons he can go close to 300.


Great to watch. Well done mate. 

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