9th April 2011

First Snow

A beautiful day and we turn up to work to look at this view...what a great office!

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Sharks sighted in Lake Taupo

We turned up to work early and were about to get the divers who retrieve the balls for us into the water when we noticed 2 fins circling the pontoon. Needless to say we told the boys to stay out of the water for a few hours until they had moved away.

Sharks sightings are rare in Lake Taupo but they have occured in the past. One well documented sighting was when a captured shark was left outside the Turangi Chronicle offices a few years ago. 

Sharks have been known to migrate up the Waikato river chasing trout and apparently get lost as they navigate in the currents. 

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On his way to becoming a very good golfer.

Greg Mills of Waimana - near Whakatane is fast becoming a very good golfer. This Hole in One is his second and he has only been playing for 2.5 months.


Already on a 9 handicap Greg hits a mean long drive registering 269 metres and he reckons he can go close to 300.


Great to watch. Well done mate. 

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16th March 2011

Olympian Nick Willis

Not only can he run fast Nick showed another side of his sporting prowess...he can hit a golf ball exceptionally well.


Congratulations Nick and good luck in your build up to the London Olympics in 2012.


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New Taylormade Long Drive clubs proving a real hit

We purhased 5 new Taylormade Burners - left and right handed and ladies, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees, with both regular and stiff shafts - at Christmas.


The punters have loved them. With drives being recorded on the laser we have seen some extraordinary hitting. Up to 300 metres on the fly!


One notable drive was that of injured All Black Piri Weepu smashing it 273 metres.


Not having to retrieve your ball or care if it goes on the fairway....what fairway...gives it an added dimension.


If you are wanting to smash a ball as far as you can then come on down. Taylormade makes the best drivers in the world and we have the longest long drive in the world.

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