Stag and his mate both get a Hole in One in the same hour.

We received emails for about 2 months prior to this event from the Stags best mate Haydn Martis.


The boys booked the site for an hour and hit 500 balls in all directions.


The 27th was to be an auspicious day in many respects. Not only did the Stag - Miles Montgomery (the one with the appendage) get a Hole in One and a Bungy Jump his mate Campbell Sims also got a Hole in One - Huka Jet boat ride.


Next on the big day was a Chris Jolly fishing trip. Word has it it got pretty messy from there on and the night finished somewhere in town at about 3.30am.


Well done Miles and Campbell what a great way to start a marriage.






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Tim Wilson - Blue Hole - Taupo\'s Floatplane


Congratulations Tim. Winner 696


Here in Town for only a day we organised to get him up in Taupo\'s Floatplane early the next morning on a perfect day to see the whole of Lake Taupo and the National Park.

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20th December 2009

Sunday Toast - Winner 694

Harvey Frame celebrating his hole in one with his mates .


Harvey won a white water rafting trip with Kiwi River Safaris.

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A second Hole in One on the same day!

Sidhu Singh walks the tight rope... and gets a Hole in One. Winner 695

It was a perfect day ....a little windy but from the right direction.


Sidhu won a Rock n Ropes adventure. Hope he likes heights! 

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13th December 2009

Yogi Bear....gets a hole in one

Jonathan Harding has being working on the film set of Yogi Bear which is being shot on the Waikato River near the Aratiatai Rapids.


He has been a regular visitor to the Hole in One over the last few weeks. We have watched as his technique has been steadily improving and his determination has been rewarded with a White Hole Huka Jet ride. Winner 693


Good effort Jonathan. Cheers

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