Dean Murphy, CEO NZ Golf, tries his luck

In perfect conditions, a light head wind, Dean bought 25 balls and hit the pontoon at least 15 times. 


He got very close but didn't get a cigar.


He reckons he will be back. We look fwd to it.


Happy New Year Dean and family.



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The boss finishes the year in style

Hard to imagine it ever happening. After nearly 5 years of trying Pete finally got a hole in one with the last shot of the day for 2013.


'Now I finally know what it feels like to get a hole in one and it's really great' said Pete. 

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15th December 2013


What were his mates thinking?


What was Craig thinking when he accepted to wear this attire!


What was he like later that evening?


If anyone knows the answers please update me.

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14th December 2013

Stretch golf

It's fun and its accurate to approximately 115 metres. This makes it perfect for launching a golf ball and getting a Hole in One.

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Screaming down the River at Rapids Jet

Last night was Rapids Jet famil nite.


We took Josh our new employee to experience the fun.


Needlesss to say he got the super soaker treatment.


A good night Gazza! (pictured at the BBQ)

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