6th January 2015

Andy McMecking and mates

One of these guys has been giving Andy a hard time because he is about to get married.


Which one do you think it might be?



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Simon Laurence shows why they call him lucky

Simon landed himself an accomodation package at Suncourt Hotel and Conference Centre this morning.


Apprently Simon still harpers feelings that he missed somthing in life and he regrets not having a go at being a professional golfer.


We think there may still be time to join the Seniors tour. Start taking the Silverhorn now.




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2nd January 2015

Great new year present

Keith Habib used his spare time well when he called to see us.


Enjoy your parasail Keith.

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28th December 2014

Rapids Jet roars in

Come to the Hole in One. Take a picture (as you do) and upload it to rapids jet on facebook and you will go into the draw to win a jet boat ride on new years day.


Pictures will be judged on how outrageous thery are. Nudity, pranks, golf stunts etc will be highly rewarded.



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6th December 2014

Wellington Womens golf team

After a long hot days golf the girls called in to us for some light relief.


There were plenty of shots on the green but no-one registered a hole in one.


Great to see you and good luck in the tournament.

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