27th May 2014

Snow update

What a perfect day to do the Tongariro Crossing. 


The day after a storm is always clear.


No wind a cloudless sky and full sunshine makes for a perfect office.


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TVBS Network Television Taiwan

Top rated TV network from Taiwan visits the Hole in One.


We will be featured on TV in Taiwan soon with these crazy presenters.


Both couldn't play golf for love or money but they had a great time trying. They also did the Taupo bungy and giant swing and arrived buzzed and a tad wet!.

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17th May 2014

Erupt festival

The light show in the Domain is fantastic.


About 100 different neon creations from Taniwha's to kiwis.



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16th May 2014

Snow advances - a little

It is such a beautiful day that I thought I would share with your the view from our office and let you track for yourselves the snows progress.


Another month and we may be skiing. Lets hope so.


Note the diver in the water by the pontoon in the back left corner.

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30th April 2014

First Snow 2014

Lets hope we get some seriously good snow this year. Last year the season was relatively late.


This snow will probably wash off in May but more is on its way. As the ground temperature drops the snow will set a base for the sesason.

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