Competitors fill the town for Ironman 2015

Shot from across the road at the Hole in One.


Over 1500 competitors will brave 3.8km swim, 180km bike and a marathon run this Saturday.


The swim course is all set out and respectfully we have put our drivers away.



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Representative cricketer makes a run on the balls

Pete Bocock has just signed a contract with Northern Districts as a wicketkeeper batsman.


Judging by what we saw todat we think Pete may have a good year.


Pete hit the pontoon 4 times gaining himself 100 free balls. We called timew at this point but Pete hit it again...just for good measure.


Good luck. 

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28th February 2015

Kylies having a great time

Kylie and girlfriends used every trick in the book when attempting the Hole in One. 

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Its what you do before you get married

What goes on tour sometimes makes a great shot for publication...especially when its good clean fun.


Kylie whacked a golf ball from Dans the Stags butt.


Look closely and you can see the ball in the air.


Hope the rest of your night was just as adventurous Kylie.



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26th February 2015

World Cup Cricket

Chris Kilmister shows the style that earned him a free bucket of balls today.

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