NZ Secondary School, U18 and U19 Champsionships

Great weather this week for the Golf championships being held at the Taupo Golf Club.


With two 18 holes courses the Taupo Golf Club is ideal to host these events.


These boys enjoyed the Hole in One with multiple hits on the ponton for over half and hour on 'one' bucket!

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23rd August 2014

Wairarapa Bush Rugby Team

The boys warmed up before their Heartland Championship match against the King Country Rams.



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The 'Score sheet'

Tried and tested over many years the 'score sheet' works extremely well.


For teams or individuals.


Get a bucket of balls and take turns hitting or hit by yourself.


You score by getting the ball off the tee. 10 points for 10 metres. 100 points for hitting the pontoon.


Add up your score and be the winner!



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25th July 2014

Vero under lights

I received an email form Anna-Marie earlier in the week. We want a 6.30pm tee time on Friday.


It's going to be cold I thought. It's mid winter in Taupo and likely to be minus 1 at least.


No worries lets do it.


approx. 70 verovians duely arrived, formed themselves into 5 teams and had a blast whacking balls out to the illuminated pontoon.


Good clean fun with plenty of banter from all. The participants were told they had five more challenges to complete before they could hit the 'Bar'.


Good luck and thanks from the Hole in One team.



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Chiefs on a road trip.

The Chiefs rugby franchise booked the Hole in One for an hour whilst travelling to an away game against the Crusaders at Napier. Sounds strange but the Crusaders have no home ground because of earthquake damage to Lancaster Park / AMI Stadium.


We organised a sponsors versus players competition. The sponsors cleaned up! But Mils Muliaina and Richard Kahui did hit the pontoon and keep the sponsors honest.


We also had the boys hit the new Taylormade Drivers and Richard Kahui was the longest as 265 metres. Not quite as long as Piri Weepu who hit 273 at Christmas - on one leg!

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