2 degrees new shop opening is a hit

The team from 2 degrees descended on the Hole in One on mass today in a planned promotion for the opening of their new store in Taupo.


They came armed with BBQ, prizes and the More FM wagon with Andrew Laiatoa as MC.


Everyone was given 3 free balls and if you hit the pontoon you automatically reeceived a free spot prize.


About 200 entries were received for the Grand prizes of Jet boating on the awesome Huka Jet or a Samsung Galaxy S7.


A great opening promo guys and best wished for the shop.

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Hawkes Bay Under 19 Representative Golf Team

Great to see the boys again and hear they were returning from the Nationals where they placed third.


This is the highest Hawkes Bay has ever been in NZ at this age grade.


Congrats and we look forward to hearing more good news from you.

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Massey University Basketball teams

The teams showed some sporting prowess at on a perfect day in Taupo.


They took on the Hole in One Challenge and excelled at getting the balls into the air.



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28th July 2015

Hawkes Bay Rugby Union

The Magpies came to Taupo and the Hole in One on a training run.


Dividing  into four teams, and having 50 balls per team, the goal was to get three hits on the pontoon per team. 


There are some very good golfers amongst the rugby players and one of the teams achieved the goal of three hits. 


Thanks for bringing the Ranfurly Shield with you. It was great to get up close to the revered log of wood.


Best wishes the rest of the season.




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2nd February 2015

Toyota Racing Series

20 drivers from throughout the world descended on Taupo Motorsport Park to race in the Toyota Racing Series M2 class. Most of these guys are under 20 years old and from what we have been told we need to watch out for some of these guys to feature in the Formula Racing in years to come.


We liked the look of Lance Stroll and Charlie Eastwood. Charlie got a Hole in One and won a round of golf at Wairakei International Golf Course.


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