What happens when you let go of the club?

Three Danish backpackers with no golfing experience had a great time smashing balls into the lake in the rain. Then oops the club went flying over the edge and in the lake.


We appreciate it when the client retrieves the club and these guys were really good sports.


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14th March 2015

Pillars of Strength

These mysterious columns rose from ther lake bed in front of the Hole in One overnight.


They have become a source intrigue as locals and tourists flock to witness this strange natural phenomen. 


Will they mysteriously disappear or are they a signal for an imminent extra-terrestrial event.


Send us your comments both serious and nutty.

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10th March 2015

Blackcaps in town

Grant Elliot the Blackcaps middle order batsman and medium pace bowler enjoyed a couple of buckets of balls.


Grant also had a crack at hitting the pontoon with the cricket bat....just missing.


Good luck for the Cricket World Cup. 


post script:24th March: I've just witnessed one of the greatest innings in Black Caps history. Grant Elliiot scored 84 runs from 73 balls. Those runs included a six off the second to last ball when NZ required 5 runs off two balls to win.


When asked what was going through your mind Grant said ...Nothing. I don't even know where it went. It's that sort of clear headedness that has placed NZ in their first ODI final.


Good luck the Black Caps and Grant for Saturday. 

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Competitors fill the town for Ironman 2015

Shot from across the road at the Hole in One.


Over 1500 competitors will brave 3.8km swim, 180km bike and a marathon run this Saturday.


The swim course is all set out and respectfully we have put our drivers away.



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Representative cricketer makes a run on the balls

Pete Bocock has just signed a contract with Northern Districts as a wicketkeeper batsman.


Judging by what we saw todat we think Pete may have a good year.


Pete hit the pontoon 4 times gaining himself 100 free balls. We called timew at this point but Pete hit it again...just for good measure.


Good luck. 

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