14th August 2009

Mad dogs and Englishmen

It was a bitterly cold day ...you know the type when you freeze over and your voice changes four octaves.

This madman was pasing through Taupo and stopped in at the Hole in One for a hit. He and three mates were going to sleep in the car and this guy really wanted the front seat. His mate said you can have the front seat tonite only if you take your clothes off and have a swim. Up to the challenge he braved intemperate waters of Taupo. Smiling...brave man. You get the prize mate.

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Taupo District Council comes to the party

Clearing the blackberry from the reserve - well done. As part of the upgrade of the reserves area around the Hole in One the TDC have started with the blackberry and fallen fence. THey also intend to upgrade the carpark area, seating and viewing area around the Lions bimoculars. Well done for recognising this area, being the first carpark on the foreshore, has a highly amenity value for locals and tourists alike.

Thumbs up award from the Hole in One to the Taupo District Council. 

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Our brave divers having fun at work

Potiki and Conor.


These guys are cool.


One of the most commonly asked questions we get asked at the Hole in One is \'how do you get your balls back?\'


The answer is in the picture. Po and Conor, Sarah and Ella,  brave the water every night to retrieve the balls.


Hot chocolates all round. 


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14th August 2009

Darren finds form.

Visiting tourist Darren is winner Number 680.


He\'s off on a Kiwi River Safari. White water rafting at it\'s wild and wet best. Now thats a great prize.

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Manawatu Turbos visit the site

Rugby loving golfers the First Division Rugby Team The Manawatu Turbos visited the site on friday on a road trip to Hamilton. They caused quite a stir on the tee. 30 players and the coaches all tried their luck. They had more success on the long drive with one hitting a creditable 284 yards.

Good luck against Waikato tomorrow night boys.

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