Japanese Tourist gets hole in one and highlight of his trip to New Zealand

The smile speaks for itself.


Akihiro, a good golfer from Japan, couldn't resist a hit at the pontoon and was rewarded with a Hole in One on the White flag.


He was very disappointed he did not have the time to collect his prize as he was travelling to Wellington to catch a plane to Christchurch.


Akihiro won what he described as being the highlight of his New Zealand tour the Sail Barbary trip to the Maori Rock Carvings. We gave him some new Taylormade Penta golf balls as a bonus for not being able to go on the Barbary.

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Biggest Hole in One prize gets hit and winner takes home $10,000

Left-handed Hayden Purvis visits the Hole in One nearly every week. Hayden already has a White flag Hole in One but now he has gone one better with a sensational shot.


Playing into a very strong Southwesterly wind and aiming about thirty metres to the right Hayden lofted his winning shot straight into the hole. Thats a normal golf hole in on the fly. 


Hayden left so quickly (he was dressed in shorts and t shirt on one of the coldest days of the year) we didnt get a chance to tell him he had got the red flag. So we waited and sure enough Hayden turned up like clockwork a week later.


The look on Haydens face was priceless when we told him. Disbelief and euphoria all in one.


Girls...hayden is looking for a date.


Congratulations, spend the $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) wisely and we will see you next week.  

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Hole in One bus on a road trip


The bus was screaming out for a run. So we took her south to Waitahanui and stopped for a quick pic to show Taupo's beautiful views from the road.


Do you think the bus looks good?

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Taupo man gets Hole in One on smoko break

Karl and his mates arrived at the Hole in One to eat morning smoko (thats morning tea in New Zealand). Karl couldn't resist having a quick shot and the rest as they say is history.


Karl won a giant swing from Taupo Bungy and when I asked him if he was scared he beamed a huge smile of NO I'm looking forward to it.


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Great golfing weather brings reward

Ross Nava from the Phillipines (now of Wellington) visted Taupo on the weekend and scored a magnificent Hole in One.


Enjoy your cruise around the lake with Chris Jolly Outdoors Ross.


See you again soon. From the Team at the Hole in One.  

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