Andy Spittal performs to a crowd

Winner 690. 


Dave Spittal from Scotland is a recent migrant to NZ and living in Auckland. He turned up with the whole family and two sets of friends from Scotland.


From the first shot I said we had better watch this guy closely. He hit the pontoon and just missed with his 3rd shot and 2 shots later aced the White flag in front of the crowd.


Woops of delight and big kisses from his wife and kids greeted the occasion.


Dave was ecstatic to win a rafting trip for two on the Rangitaiki River with Kiwi River Safaris.


Well done Dave. 

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Aussie David Bowles cracks it - winner 689

Dave was here for a good break and visited the Hole in One on several occasions. He had a friendly competition with a mate and when the scores were tied at 5 pontoon hits a piece Dave pulled out the ace shot to win the Hole in One prize and the beer!

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11th November 2009

Lemon and Paeroa

Tourism Paeroa was on the road and called into the Hole in One on Saturday to film a documentary on the L&P man. 

When Colin arrived he was broke. He asked us if he could have a job to earn some money to get him to Ohakune.


We told him he could dive for some balls!


Never one to shirk Colin grabbed the wetsuit and retrieved some balls for us.


He then proceeded to hit them off trying to win the $10,000 first prize.


Now he was back to square one. What next.... visit the Tourism Paeroa website in a couple of weeks to see clips on the adventures of Colin at the The Hole in One

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How we get the balls back - it\'s 10 degrees celsius!!!

The weather was good and the wind abated to allow the \'boss\' to get wet.


A typical dive lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours and the divers collect between 500 and 1500 balls.


There is healthy competition between the divers as they get paid by the ball.


We try not to lose any of the balls as they are quite expensive to buy. A typical selection of balls in a bucket of 25 will include Titleist pro V1\'s, Nike, Taylormade, Precept, DDH, Callaway, and other top brands. 

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Labour weekend wind was perfect - winner 687

A light South West South wind is the best wind as it comes directly into the Hole in One.


We had 2 holes in one on the Sunday. 


We thought Sam looked a bit like Van West from Outrageous Fortune - that imfamous TV series. Hoodies rule! Especially ones that say \'mugs away\'.


It was great to finally have a few good days weather and the players really flocked into the Hole in One all weekend. 

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