How on Earth did I manage that?

Matt Lunn had his Stag do the night before in Taupo. He was unable to make it to us the day before due to his mates looking afteer him too well.

Never mind Matt suffered through extreme pain today and managed to get a Hole in One.


Awesome Matt and may your marriage be as happy.



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Longest recorded drive at the Hole in One

Dan Nicholls. Looking at him you would never think this man can whack a ball a long way.


Long is an understatement  328.2 metres is huge. Not even Baden Waiwai (6 foot 10 inch NZ long drive champ 317 metres) drove that far.


So the challenge is out there folks. Come, tee up, wind up then unleash like a coiled cobra and beat a man called Dan - from bloody England.



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15th September 2016

Harry Hikuroa - past winner

We love our past winners returning.


Harry got his Hole in One in 2011 and returns to us every time he vivits Taupo from his new home in Australia.


A perfect calm early spring morning.


Good to see you again Harry.

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Michael Forester scores a hole in one

Such was the disbelief Michael had to be convinced he had a hole in one. Then the smile took over and the elation followed. It's the luck of the Irish agian.


Trust enjoyed your Rapids Jet boat ride and the rest of your trip around NZ..

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Richard Curtis gives the thumbs up to his good mate

Hole in One regular Richard was here for an early morning competition with his good mate Pete Peeti.


Richard wasn't hitting the pontoon nearly as much as Pete and had resigned himself to buying the morning tea.


However luck intervened in the form of spotter and Hole in One owner Peter who saw Richards ball fly into the Blue Hole. Peter didn't tell Richard he had a Hole in One till right at the very end when both men thought the competition was over. The look on both their faces told two different stories and was priceless.


Richard won a trip for two on Taupos Floatplane. Needless to say Pete was pretty quuick at putting his hand up for the ride.


Good to see you both again and I'm looking forward to seeing the Taupo production of Hunting Aotearoa.

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