16th February 2015

Mike Carroll

The first thing Mike said when he walked on site was 'has anyone ever done this. It looks impossible.


A few balls later and Mike and his wife are going for a cruise on the Lake with Chris Jolly.


We both laughed when it went in. 

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Toyota Racing Series driver  returns and...

And bags one of the best prizes we offer.


Charlie Eastwood, M2 driver, scored his first ace today.


Charlie hit the Blue flag and won a round of golf with cart at Wairakei International Golf Course and Sanctuary.


Have fun on NZ's sixth best course Charlie.


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6th February 2015

Toyota Racing Series

The drivers for this years Toyota Racing Series lined up for a team photo.


The drivers are from Indian Russia, Ireland, USA, NZ, Germany, Italy and other places. They hit about 500 balls into a very strong Souwest wind.

Some of the boys are very good golfers and they had played a few practice rounds at Centennial.


These guys you will see in a few years on much bigger stages / podiums.


ps. Tiff and I went to the Taupo race track this morning for a hot lap in the new Lexus LFA. As we say in NZ AWESOME!!! I will try to get a pic up tomorrow of this supreme car rated by Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson as the best car in the world!!! 

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29th January 2015

A Hole in One for Awa

Our site supervisor and budding golf pro - Awatea McCallum - nailed her first ever hole in one.


Awa's off backpacking around the world in mid february. We will miss you and our other students who have worked so well this summer.


Have fun.

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27th January 2015

Mat Hobson is big

Really big. But luckily we had a clug long enough so he didn't need to bend over.


All 6 foot 8 inches creates quite a big swing path.

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