11th October 2017

Is it true?

Is the 2021 Americas Cup going to have a race or two in Lake Taupo?


The Hole in One will have a grandstand view if it does. We have four years to start training. Any sponsors out there?


Enjoying the moment of see this wonderful cup.



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23rd August 2017

Ski time

Day three of perfect weather in Taupo and on Mt Ruapehu.


In the period we used to call the third week of the school holidays the weather has held perfectly. 


If you are working drop the pen or down the tools! Time to get a life.

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Winner looking forward to his stay at the Hilton

Jester his wife and young child were on a quick break from Hawkes Bay when they ventured to the Hole in One.


Jester's a confident golfer and only purchased 10 balls. He was sure he would hit the pontoon several times and get many free balls for doing so.


On the 5th ball Jester had the perfect line for the blue flag and it sailed directly into the blue hole. 


The prize was a nights accomodation at  Taupo's finest accomodation - the Hilton.


Jester says he is coming back for a romantic holiday later in the year with his wife (no children) and plans on returning to the Hole in One to get the Red flag.



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30th June 2017

Lions supporter aims high

In true British style Brian donned his shorts to show how tough he is on a 1 degree day in Taupo.


With his chin poking out and his top lip steady this Lions supporter aimed like dead-eye dick at the flags on the pontoon.


After a few warmup shots Brian nauled the white flag and with it a yacht trip to the Maori Carving on-board Barbary.


If your kickers are this good tomorrow the Lions will have a memorable test match against the all conquering All Blacks.

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9th January 2017

Great shot Vaughn

It was getting late and we almost had the lights on when up stepped Vaughn from Wellington.


Nice shot and nice prize. New Zealands highest water touch bungy jump.


Take the leap.

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